One-click installer and FTP / SFTP access: good-to-have features from a host

When you think that you’ve found that perfect hosting plan that will make your WWW journey fun and easy, it’s still a good idea to check for the details underlying that offering. In particular, you should make sure that the plan enables the use of one-click installers and access to FTP. And here’s why.

1-click installers

These things are super-useful installation wizards that simplify your way around installing WordPress or some other popular online store software. You just click a couple of buttons, and that’s it. No need to be a techy here.

FTP / SFTP Access

Another great additional feature to look for is the FTP / SFTP access. With it, you’ll find it easy to migrate even huge amounts of files around your site.

Beware that some hosting providers enable only a standard file manager. Although it’s enough for migrating files around, you’ll take more time and sweat.

Talk to the support teams with hosting providers you picked and ask them about these and maybe some other solutions that will facilitate your journey.