Storage, RAM, bandwidth, data transfer: what’s most important when picking a host?

Whenever you’re looking for a hosting plan, you can easily get lost with all those technical indicators, features, prices and comparative advantages swarming all around you. But don’t lose heart. Taking out the marketese and making a correct decision isn’t actually that hard.

Bandwidth and data transfer

These are synonyms which mean the amount of files that people can download from or upload to your site. Most hosting providers offer such a high amount of this that you’ll never be able to use it up within a month.


The same applies to the storage capacity. Unless you’re building out the next Wikipedia, you’ll never utilize the full storage enabled.


And RAM might actually be the only indicator that really matters. It’s amount of memory your provider gives you, so that users can interact with your site in a smooth manner and within any slow-downs.

It’s essential to transition across upgrades that your provider offers so that your RAM needs are always covered. Visitors are always in a hurry, and a slow site is a major turn-off.