What hosting features are important for ecommerce?

If you are launching your first online store, you should invest some time into picking the one that meets your unique needs. Of course, you can always migrate to another provider if you want to, but, first, it’s a hassle, and, second, you need to learn your ecom hosting plans to know where to migrate, right?

1. Strong security

This is priority No. 1. Use SSL and HTTPS. If you pick a managed plan, make sure the provider takes on all tasks security.

Managing a store means handing financial data. This is catnip to hackers, so you need to prepare.

2. Compatibility with your CMS

Special hosting plans play nicer with specific CMS and other solutions. So, after you’ve decided on your CMS (be it WP or another one), ask your provider which plan suits your software best.

3. Good control panel

If this is your first store, cPanel is your best option out there. Anything else will result in a significant hair loss and hours upon hours of looking even for easy stuff.