Is Plesk a good control panel for your hosting plan?

If you are shopping for your first hosting plan, you should limit yourself with picking one of the two major control panels: cPanel and Plesk. Both of these are very convenient to use and user-friendly. Importantly, other – less popular – consoles are so user-unfriendly that you’ll need to waste hours upon hours in order to understand how to do even the simple stuff.

Plesk seems to be the best option on the market.

Why Plesk is the best pick?

It has a much cleaner user interface, helping you find things that you need in a fast and convenient manner.

Plesk has a lot of apps straight from the box which reduces the time you need for the ramp-up.

It’s very secure, and it definitely beats any third-party option in terms of security it brings to the table.

You can use it on both Windows and Linux OS that you’ve installed at your hosting plan.

Plesk is priced just like cPanel with a $10 monthly subscription fee.

All in all, Plesk seems to be the best option if you are a newbie and you don’t want to waste your time on techy operations when you can avoid those with ease.