Is cPanel a good control panel for your hosting plan?

For those of you who are looking to get their first hosting plan, it makes sense to limit the search to only two panels: cPanel and Plesk. And while Plesk seems to beat cPanel in many things, cPanel is definitely faster! The developers behind the project have paid special attention to making it a swiftly working console in your hands.

What you need to know

First, cPanel works only on Linux. And although there are backdoor ways to run it on Windows, those are very cumbersome and require in-depth technical skills that newbies usually lack.

Second, cPanel and Plesk cost the same with a $10 monthly subscription fee to be paid.

Third, though cPanel comes with a more cluttered user interface from the box, it enables you to customize and display only those apps that you regularly use in your work.

Fourth, cPanel lacks basic apps like Git, so you’ll have to spend more time finding the backdoor solutions in order to hook up to those.

All in all, cPanel is an update for a legacy console, but Plesk is a much better choice for newbies.