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Practically, whether you are going into the sewing industry for the first time or a veteran, you clearly need the best sewing machine. After all, the best machine will not only make things quite easy for you, but also exciting. It is because of this that I have compiled the following list of the top sewing machine reviews 2015.
Bernina 880

If you have been combing through places looking for a sewing machine that can give you a dozen ways of making projects, the Bernina 880 is why you should be going for next. It is undeniable among the best and has been received well by many users. It is thoughtfully designed for with it you can net up to 1700 stitches; there are no limitations on what you can to do. The best part, you can actually program each stitch.

The create- your- own option that comes with this machine is also worth mentioning. This feature allows you to actually come up with your own stitches and you have them saved. Additionally, the screen is impeccably outstanding for it comes with high resolution and color display for easy assess to other features.

Singer 7258, 100 Stitch Computerized

From the time it first hit the market, this model has made other well known brands run for their money. This has not actually come as a surprise for every single detail about it has been perfectly nailed. It is programmable and has been amazingly done. With it, you can practically get everything that you can ask from your sewing machine.

With a whooping 100 stitches, you can easily choose between quilting, sewing and also crafts. You can program it for any kind of fabric or job. The Singer 7259 also come with a start and stop button and you can make your project without necessarily using the foot pedal.

Brother PC-420

This particular sewing machine has been solidly done. It is basically a dressmaker machine and comes with pre-programmed stitches. My Custom Stitch feature can allow you to come up with your own stitches, incorporate and you make it part of the whole set up. When it comes to the number of accessories that you can get from you sewing machines, this machine has them all; 11 presser feet, automatic threader among others are some of the few accessories that you can reap from this incredible machine.

Admittedly, with an array of stitches and features that you can master, this is the right machine for people who are going into sewing for the first time. Besides, if you are a veteran, this machine can also come in handy if you want to expand your sewing skills and creativity.

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