Stash Cans

Great Places To Hide Your Valuables

A unique home security product, a diversion safe is a good place to hide your valuables. Diversion safes are made to appear like ordinary household items, but they are really hollow containers, with removable tops or bottoms, to hold small objects of great value such as jewelry and money. The idea is to hide important things in inconspicuous objects.

While some diversion safes look like books, candles, jars or electrical appliances, others are designed as cans. These are called stash cans. Stash Cans may appear like ordinary shaving cream, soda cans, peanut butter jars, detergents and so forth.

The great thing about stash cans is that they look so much like the genuine object that no one would suspect they are of any importance. These stash cans even weigh as heavily as the original thing. If you keep each diversion safe in the seemingly right place, burglars would definitely have trouble locating your valuables.