How does one minimize material loss due to a burglary?

Diversion Safes for Hiding Things Under Thieves’ Noses

diversion safes

Diversion Safes

When you enter your home to find it has been robbed, the first thing to be thankful for is that you were not there when it happened. The second is that burglars never bother with big-ticket appliances too heavy to cart off. And then be thankful for the diversion safes concealing your jewelry and money in plain sight. Those, burglars are very interested in. Small items of high value are exactly what the robbers come for.

A diversion safe has the appearance of an unremarkable grocery item like maybe a can of detergent, some shaving cream or dog food, or a hairbrush. This plain appearance is intended to draw the attention of pilferers away. They have no reason to believe coffee is not what’s inside a Maxwell Coffee House can safe sitting on the cupboard.

The can safes in particular come with secretly detachable tops and bottoms, which open to a hidden compartment for storage. These are weighted so no one discovers they are hollow. Should a friend or neighbor lift a ScotchGard can safe up inadvertently, they still would not feel like something is off about it.

Book safes, on the other hand, have been made from real books. The pages have been hollowed out in the center to leave room for a clandestine compartment. On the outside, anyone will be seeing and touching a real book cover and pages.

Even when the burglars know that can safes or book safes exist, they are trying to beat the clock. They need to rummage through as many sock drawers and jewelry boxes as they can in as little as eight minutes. They will not stop to try a peanut butter jar or salad dressing bottle in the off chance it is holding a wad of cash.

The robbers could be right inside your home, unencumbered, yet fail to get hold of your precious possessions and walk out empty-handed. If you can’t keep them out, then your diversion safes can keep them out of the loop.